Passive Meter

Track their digital footprint and get the complete picture.

Better insights

Get a more comprehensive picture of today’s online consumer by combining behavioural data with other data sources.

More efficient data collection

Add behavioural data  to increase survey relevance, reduce survey length and improve the overall research experience.

Faster decision making

Behavioural data drives precise & frequent insights into crossdevice consumer behaviour, enabling organisations to act quickly.

Data Feed

Online behaviour is non-linear. It changes quickly. True understanding of the consumer is therefore a sophisticated task that cannot be effectively addressed by analysing a single type of data.

This is where online passive data collection excels. It doesn’t rely on memory, so it leads to more accurate and reliable information than surveys. A combination of survey and behavioural data collection provides the fullest possible picture of online consumers.

See how Passive Meter gets you behind the screens.


TEG Insights collaborates with market researchers to help create best-practice research designs that combine the best of both worlds. We empower market researchers to enhance the way they meet end-client needs. Improve research experience and decrease survey length by asking only relevant questions.

Add behavioural data to your research design to answer new questions and improve the understanding of today’s online consumer.

Our behavioural data supports many innovative research methods and products, such as audience profiling and segmentation, customer journeys and market research online communities.

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